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Introduce several common self aligning ball bearing methods
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Disassembly of 1. inner / outer ring
Disassemble the outer ring of interference fit, set several outer ring extruding screw screws in advance on the circumference of the shell, and tighten the screw evenly on one side, and disassemble it at the same time.
These screw holes are usually covered with blind plug, tapered roller self aligning ball bearing and so on separated self aligning ball bearing, set up several cuts on the shell shoulder, use cushion blocks, disassemble with press, or gently tap to remove.
Disassembly of 2. cylindrical holes self aligning ball bearing
It is the simplex to press the press. At this time, we should pay attention to the inner ring to bear its pulling force. The internal ring of large self aligning ball bearing is dismantled by oil pressure method. Oil pressure is made by setting the oil hole on the shaft to make it easy to pull. Width of the self aligning ball bearing oil injection combined with drawing fixture, can be removed. The internal ring disassembly of NU and NJ cylindrical roller self aligning ball bearing can be used by induction heating. A method of heating a part in a short time to expand the inner ring and then pull out.
3. self aligning ball bearing disassembly taper
Remove the relatively small adapter set of self aligning ball bearing, with the support of the inner fastening block block on the shaft, the nut back after several times, using the pad with a hammer beating demolition. Large self aligning ball bearing, the oil removal easier, oil hole in the cone shaft in the pressurized oil, to remove the self aligning ball bearing expansion of the inner ring. In operation, there is a danger of sudden release of self aligning ball bearing. It is best to use the nut as a block.
4. unload method
Unload is the simplest and most common method of disassembly. It is a method of disassembly for disassembly purposes by the force of hammer strike, which makes the parts displaced and disconnected from each other.
Click Remove the commonly used tool is the hammer, hammer, fitter common punch and pad. Punch made of steel made by hammering the top processing into a ball, so that one end in contact with the workpiece is inlaid with a soft metal, such as copper, aluminum, and flat or suitable for the shape of the workpiece, the workpiece surface to protect from damage.
Different methods and steps should be taken in accordance with the structure of different machine parts.
Sliding self aligning ball bearing bushing and rolling self aligning ball bearing jacket are all interference fit in holes, and they are often removed from holes. When unloaded, the face of the bushing should be padded. Click the small diameter of the unloading bushing, it is best to use the ladder punch, small diameter punch just matched with inner hole bush, large diameter punch than the outer diameter of about 0.5mm or so small bush.
For the disassembly of large diameter bushing and rolling self aligning ball bearing, more casing is used. The disassembly of the ordinary small self aligning ball bearing cover often uses the method of symmetrical entry into the slanting pad, which opens the self aligning ball bearing cover.
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